Readings & Healing

Akashic Records Reading

Duration 1hr. Your Masters, Guides & Beings of light will be giving me information with the help of your Akashic Book. You will be receiving information about your current path, struggles and we will be answering your questions. Many find that their questions are answered winthin 45min of the reading.
Reading is done via Skype video call & you are given a recording of the reading.
~Euro 133

Channelled Reading

Duration 45min. I will be channelling messages from your spiritual Guide. We will be speaking about your current path, struggels and your questions. You will leave the reading having more clarity and understanding. Your Guide knows you and your path well and has all the knowledge needed to assit you further.
Reading is done via Skype video call & you are given a recording of the reading.
~Euro 95

Intuitive Reading

Duration 30min. By tapping into the energy of your current incarnation, I will be receiving information needed to assist you on specific life issues and answering your questions. A great tool to help you understand yourself & your present.
Reading is done via Skype video call & you are given a recording of the reading.
~Euro 75

Angelic Healing

Duration 35 - 45min.
You will receive distance energy healing from the angelic realm and the archangels. Many experience different sensations and report entering a state of piece and calm, some report feeling vibration and the angelic energy.The healing works with your emotional, physical, mental & spiritual plane.
Healing is done via distance.
~Euro 50

Intuitive Reading + Angelic Healing

Healing package
30min Intuitve reading + 30min distance angelic healing. You will receive an intuitive reading via skype video call. You will have a recording of this reading to refer back to any time. After the reading you will recieve distance angelic healing. The information received from your reading can be further applied by asking the angelic realm to assist you in any issues that showed up druing the reading.
~Euro 100

Channalled Reading + Bach Flowers

Healing package
45min Channeled reading + Bach remedy persprciption. We will be obtaining very useful information during your channelled reading, to further assist you I will be recommending Bach remedies that are aligned with the consultation and the information given by your guide. Bach remedies are homeopathic remedies. They assist you, your physical body, your emotions, your mind and spirit. Many positive changes can be obtained by taking Bach flowers.
~Euro 111

Package Deals

Soul Tribe Podcast Package Deals.

Lorena and I have come together to great package deals that allow you to receive both of our services, while gaining a discount. These packages include Akashic Records Readings, angelic healing and flower therapy. For additional details and information please click on the button below.

The Soul Tribe Podcast

With Lorena & Lucia

The Soul Tribe Podcast was created to help you navigate through the world of spirituality, wellness, and self-development in an easy, grounded and relatable way. We break down everything from the the Akashic Records, manifesting, spirituality and so much more! We want to help expand your boundaries and bring the spiritual world to you in a fun and easy way! Get ready to be inspired with tips, tools and easy to digest information.

Working for the evolution of the subconscious unity!

About Me

My path towards a more spiritual life was not easy but much needed, like many others out there.
13 years ago I found myself having repetitive dream premonitions, mostly of world aviation accidents which I would later see become true on the news. These dreams created many moments of fatigue, depression and anxiety. I would wake up feeling like I had run a marathon and deeply hoping to myself that this one dream wouldn't come true. Most of the times I would see the dream materialize a week later, this meant a week of avoiding the news and trying not to hear what was going on in the world. Somehow (nothing is a coincidence), I always found out.
The Akashic Records was my blessing! I attended my very first Akashic Records reading with two questions written down in bold: Why do I keep having these dreams? and How can I get rid of them? I went into that reading believing I would be given an earth bound solution to my spiritual predicament. What I got in response was more profound, become aware that you can use your mind for something else other than thinking. The quickest solution being; learn to read your own Akashic Records.
That is how I became an Akashic Records reader. I began my first ever spiritual journey into this new amazing world.
After learning to read my own records, I wanted to help others, just like I had been helped and so 12 years ago I began reading others.
I get to feel amazing every time I assist someone in a reading and best of all, no more accident dream premonitions!