Akashic Records            reading

Duration 1hr. Your Masters, Guides & Beings of Light will be giving me information with the help of your Akashic Book. You will be receiving information about your current path, and struggles and we will be answering your questions. Many find that their questions are responded to within 45min of the reading.Reading is done via video call & you are given a recording of the session.
 Euro 188


Duration 45min. I will be channeling messages from your spiritual team. We will discuss your current path, struggles, and questions. You will leave the reading having more clarity and understanding. Your team knows you and your path well and has all the knowledge needed to assist you further.Reading is done via video call & you are given a recording of the reading.
 Euro 133

Angelic Healing

Duration 30 - 45 min.You will receive distance energy healing from the angelic realm and the archangels. Many experience different sensations and report entering a state of peace and calm, some report feeling vibration and the angelic energy. The healing works with your emotional, physical, mental & spiritual plane.Healing is done via distance. We will connect via email to discuss what you most need and you will receive angelic healing on the booked date.
 Euro 50

Channelled reading
+ angelic Healing

-Healing package-
45min channelled reading + 30min distance angelic healing. You will receive a channeled reading via video call. After the reading, you will receive distance angelic healing. The information received from your reading can be applied to your healing, by asking the angelic realm to assist you with any issues that showed up during the reading.
 Euro 155

Angelic Alchemy

We will work on one specific issue that you are ready to deal with and release. With a 30min video or audio call, we will discuss your issue and concerns and I will after channel your customized alchemy plan. We end with a 30min angelic healing session to close up all the work previously done and to receive healing frequencies from the angelic realm.
 Euro 111

Dual Akashic Records

Dual Akashic Records reading with Lorena & Lucia of The Soul Tribe Podcast. We will both open your records at the same time expanding your channel to get the most of your akashic informaton and healing path. Done on video call.You are given a recording of the reading.
1hr   Euro 265
1hr & 30min   Euro 385


"Working for the evolutio‚Äčn of the subconscious unity"

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