About Me

My path towards a more spiritual life was not easy but much needed, like many others out there.
14 years ago I found myself having repetitive dream premonitions, mostly of world aviation accidents which I would later see become true on the news. These dreams created many moments of fatigue, depression and anxiety. I would wake up feeling like I had run a marathon and deeply hoping to myself that this one dream wouldn't come true. Most of the times I would see the dream materialize a week later, this meant a week of avoiding the news and trying not to hear what was going on in the world. Somehow (nothing is a coincidence), I always found out.
The Akashic Records was my blessing! I attended my very first Akashic Records reading with two questions written down in bold: Why do I keep having these dreams? and How can I get rid of them? I went into that reading believing I would be given an earth bound solution to my spiritual predicament. What I got in response was more profound, become aware that you can use your mind for something else other than thinking. The quickest solution being; learn to read your own Akashic Records.
That is how I became an Akashic Records reader. I began my first ever spiritual journey into this new amazing world.
After learning to read my own records, I wanted to help others, just like I had been helped and so 14 years ago I began reading others.
I get to feel amazing every time I assist someone in a reading and best of all, no more accident dream premonitions!