Angel Numbers

Angel numbers have become hugely popular, many of us consider them to be signs or even responses from our guides or from the angels themselves. If you google angel numbers you’ll probably get many posts defining each set of numbers. I do believe that each number energetically has its vibratory meaning but I also believe that you can place your own meaning on them, meaning you create your own dictionary and then utilize those meanings to better communicate with other realms. 

From my understanding the angelic realm has a mission/purpose, to assist humanity while under the process of incarnation. This means that they can and want to support us, before we incarnate into our new avatar bodies, during our incarnation and even assisting us during the death and ascension process. By understanding that they are here to assist us, we can then further accept their assistance and even try to create active communication with them.

Sometimes the angelic realm communicates with us via these angel numbers and the message is to let us know that we are on the right path, or that we are being supported. I was struggling with bureaucratic paperwork and it felt like a never ending process, I was also having difficulty getting all the needed paperwork and appropriate signature. This process went on for six months and it was a scenario that limited my everyday life. I felt like giving up so many times until one day I gave the process one last push. When I was finally able to gather all the paperwork I went down the local government building to hand it all in. In my mind I was worried that once again what I had was not enough but I consciously kept telling myself I will somehow make it work. Once in the building I was directed to the appropriate area for my case and I was handed a number to wait my tern. The officer handed me the paper that was instantly printed on the machine and the number caught my eye right away. A111, not only is 111 an angel number but A in numerology is also one. What I was truly staring at was number 1,111. 

*The blog picture is of the actual pinted paper given to me by the goverment officer.

The angel numbers with 1 set, to me, signifies divine alignment, divine assistance and a consistent reminder that you are not alone. On a personal level this number shows up for me when I feel like I am overwhelmed, that I can’t go on anymore. By seeing angel number one I am sure someone is there, on the other side assisting me, watching over me and making sure divine justice is being had. 

I don’t think I can define each number and say this number means this and this alone, I genuinely believe we need to use our intuition. With that said I will place below small definitions that go through each set of angel numbers so we can better internally define them for ourselves, or better yet maybe you want to use those definitions to create your own personal angel number dictionary.

Angel Numbers:

111 or 1111 - Divine assistance, support, and/or justice.

222 or 2222 - Ascension, new cycle, and/or next step.

333 or 3333 - Dvine order, breakthrough, alignment, can also be connected to your higher self or related to being aligned to the true law of one.

444 or 4444 - Spiritual mastery, mental mastery and/or divine breakthrough

555 or 5555 - Order, adventure and/or freedom.

666 or 6666 - Spiritual progress, spiritual wisdom, and/or the divine surpassing itself.

777 or 7777 - Luck, alignment, and/or active divine intervention.

888 or 8888 - Universal law, universal unity, and/or infinite cycle.

999 or 9999 - Spiritual creativity, physical ascension, and/or physical mastery.