Akashic Testimonials


I highly recommend an akashic reading with Lucia. The experience gave me clear insights into my soul purpose and a strong sense of direction in my career and relationships. Lucia was so kind and heartfelt - she explained the process step-by-step and took time to answer all my questions. The predictions made were completely accurate and I found the reading very reassuring in my daily life. I cannot wait for the next one! Thank you Lucia for sharing your amazing gift!
~ Eilis


I know they are there and I know we can connect with them, a higher world and a higher self and that's why I chose to look for someone who can contact that world. It was not easy to find, because of my skeptical self but I still found Lucia, to confirm what I already knew but did not dare to trust what I felt .... Thank you nicely Lucia.... Good blesse you.


I was a bit hesitant at first and had so many friends that recommended it, it took me a couple of years but it had to be when I was ready to listen. Lucia is great and takes her time to explain the records and guides you through the process. I highly recommend it, sometimes you need help in hearing what your soul and angels wants to tell you and this is the way. I found I learned more about myself with the reading...


I highly recommend her readings, they help clear the way to one's true path in life, to help in becoming the best version of ourselves, to know oneself and to grow.


My readings with Lucia were better than I could have ever hoped. The first time we met I felt like I was speaking to a very old friend or close cousin. There has not been a day that has gone by that something she mentioned in the reading runs through my mind as a reminder or piece of advice for all of the big decisions I have been making right now. Forever grateful.


A reading with Lucia changed my life in 1 hour, ok maybe in 2. It sounds like a cliche, but for me, it really happened. I had been struggling my whole adult life understanding why things happened to me and it was impossible for me to let go of the past. Through Her, the masters and spirit guides told me what I needed to hear. Within seconds everything made sense and I walked out from the reading like a new person. We also talked about the possible futures, what's written in my Book; which thinking back now, I kind of knew all along but I was listening to the wrong voices. I am forever thankful for Her guiding me into a new happier life. GCB


I heard about Lucia about 4 years ago . The first time we met, I did not know what to expect and I certainly did not expect to meet someone who was confirming my every thought. Everything that she described fully resonated with me, whether is was about one of my family members or the life path I was on, at the time. While she was talking to me, I felt like a cloud of fog was lifting up and my thoughts wear clear and it was a confirmation of what I knew, but one that I needed so much. It was like one was reading my own thoughts, thoughts that I never dared to express. Over the years, we have had more sessions and I look forward for the next one , always. Lucia is very comforting to be around and it is very easy to communicate with her. She was a stranger when I first met her, yet I never felt that , for her presence is comforting and during the session with her , one feels very relaxed and nothing seems forced. If you have questions about your path in life, if you are wondering already if talking to Lucia is the right thing for you, then you know the answer already. Lucia is fantastic and I am happy to have met her and to be able to connect with the higher spirits through her help. Thank you, Lucia!


I heard about Lucia from a friend.I was nor happy nor unhappy,I was just floating with no purpose and a sense of wanting something else..not to mention a very vague frustration..tho I have to mention I was living at that time on a beautiful island. After my meeting with Lucia,I came out lighter like I dropped a heavy weight off my shoulders.Everything had changed.I got my sparkle back and SUDDENLY everything was making sense again.The puzzle that I call life was starting to get a shape and so it began my first conscious step of my quest in finding and fulfilling my purpose.I left my job after few months,left the island and decided to take a sabatical year.(all this made sense and was so much easier to do after my meeting with Lucia).Once I stepped on my path I felt happier and I realized leaving was the best thing I could have ever done for my life at that time .I have contacted Lucia,two more times after that and every time,to get guidance and reassurance I was doing things right.Now again I'm on the brink of another step in my path to my destiny and I can say I trust things will fall into place because I'm not only listening to what Lucia had to comunicate from my masters to me, but also to my intuition.She has influenced in good many ppl lives and even tho in the begining I was definetely sceptical about all that she was supposed to be able to do , I came out not only convinced about the reality of what she is doing but also so much more open to everything good that the universe has to offer for me.When we really need help someone or something will appear to guide us,nudge us in the right direction.After that is all up to us.Lucia is a really sweet caring person that does things from her heart and it shows. She takes her time to really explain when things are not clear and she will answer as many questions as she can.

Angelic Healing Testimonials


I had an angelic healing session with Lucia, and it was truly the most beautiful experience I've ever had. I have been on the receiving end of several forms of energy healing, and this was beyond anything I've ever felt before. The love, support, and healing from my angels were exactly what I needed, and totally in alignment with some other self-healings I'm doing. I hope to experience more sessions with her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone seeking to connect and heal with this powerful modality. Thank you, Lucia!


I received a magical archangel healing from Lucia in November 2019, and I had a very visceral reaction to the healing work that took place. I was laying down comfortably, and was in a state of openness and receptivity, while Lucia worked on me from afar. I shared my experience with her, and it was exactly in tune with the healing work she provided me with. She told me about my angel guides, and for me she saw an angel show up with extended wings, like a protective mother, like mother goose - which has relevance for me - this angel was in a position of extra care, love and protection over me- with the message of being my protector in two other incarnations - totalling three incarnations where this angel has been with me. She is here to take care of me. Then Lucia called upon Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel - they assisted me, and worked on my energy field, and I was open to receiving their healing energy and had strong visions and visceral feelings in my body about the specific ways that these angels 'cleared me out'. Following my reading I felt rested and vulnerable, because many blockages were cleared.

It was a wonderful experience for me. I placed some crystals on my womb and heart chakras, and my guardian angel provided a deep sense of comfort for me. I feel like my mama guardian angel is with me in this incarnation, because I am making connections with past lives where I believe this guardian angel also guided me, which is making way for deep ancestral and karmic healing. I also felt a lot of sensations in my womb, which was the work of archangel Gabriel, and this sensation reminded me of my deep desire to become a mama myself - and this exercise helped me to open to that desire. I visualized archangel Michael flying through my whole body and clearing me out of anything negative unworthy or impure, and I also visualized archangel Uriel around me. In one vision I had, I stepped into this room full of bright green light - and this was archangel Raphael, inviting me into a healing closet of penetrating light. This experience felt like an activation, where my energy was cleared to help me raise my vibration and energy. I later found out that Lucia had set her diffuser light to the colour green for the reading - which felt like an interesting synchronicity. Lucia imparted some of her own experience with motherhood to me which was a good contrast to some of the experiences I had in my session. Overall, I was left feeling excited, supported and ready to take on my life in a new way, so that I can level up in the ways I am being encouraged to show up in the world as my healer self. Thank you!